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30 August 2010


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Thanks for the great report Dan. This report got me into a two hour excursion, ending up on the PlanningPoker site. Very interesting.


Hi Dan,

I enjoyed your perspective on Agile 2010, especially your comments on the use of NPV and RoI in Product Management. Can you point me to other resources on this topic?

Secondly, while I totally agree with the comment on the real goal being value, were there any specific proposals/ sessions on putting together an enterprise capability model that combined Scrum and CMMi? Do let me know.


Dan Greening

Thanks Mahesh,

I will put together a Scrumerati post on NPV and ROI, hopefully in the next few weeks. I am researching this area a lot right now.

Kent Johnson and Jeff Sutherland are doing some work in the area of CMMI and Scrum. They have a joint 3-day Scrum+CMMI Training Seminar coming up 26-28 October 2010 in Boston. See http://scrumtraininginstitute.com/classes/show/393.

I will shamelessly suggest that you subscribe to my RSS feed so you know when I post more on NPV and ROI.


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